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Yes I Can Achieve-Book Review

About the author-

Dr. Manoj Kumar began his career as a medical graduate, went on to become an entrepreneur, and then pursued his passion of training, mentoring, and coaching in the "Knowledge Industry." He has 16 years of expertise in the fields of training, mentoring, and leadership development. He is an ICF Certified Coach, International Trainer, and a coach. Certified Life & Executive Coach, Certified Leadership Coach. In addition to being a Certified Master Trainer, and a Certified NLP Practitioner. Winners Academy was founded by him. Individuals and business owners benefit from Dr. Manoj Kumar's services. fulfill their life and business ideas and objectives.

The book-

This is a self-help book and is divided into three main phases:

1. Fundamentals – Forming the Mindset

2. Intermediate– Knowing the Power

3. Implement to Succeed

By contrasting his perspective, the author tries to teach various differences between an achiever and a non-achiever and claims that how we think and what we believe is everything. The book also describes how the law of attraction works, stating that one must first envision, then believe, before receiving.

Remember, success, leadership, money, and everything that 
you want is not a dream. It is already a reality, and the only 
thing you need to make it your reality is to attract it the right 
Yes, attitude is everything for your achievement.
-Dr. Manoj Kumar

The author not only discusses mental health but also how physical health and dietary consumption are crucial for one's well-being. It is critical to reward ourselves once we have accomplished something to keep motivated and pessimistic.

What I liked the most about the book-

The author progresses step by step from establishing a mindset, being conscious of the powers we hold, to doing activities in order to attain success, and the book uses lucid language to reveal the treasures for obtaining success in life. To convey the concepts of achievement, short stories and examples are employed.

At the end of each chapter, there are fantastic self-activities to help us grow self-esteem and recognize our worth. This is an excellent book for self-improvement and success.

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