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Why I Love Reading Books!

I remember my very first encounter with books when my mother used to work in Baroda as a high school teacher. She used to walk me to crossword where I used to look around to books and she would buy me one or two and in return, we would walk back by visiting Macdonald's. I have been in a family which loves reading books. From my aunt bringing pop-up book which was the little red riding hood to thick Harry Potter novels. I have always seen my grandparents read Gujarati books and my mother reading books.

I used to visit the library at my school during breaks with my friends and search for books to issue and read. Every time I travel to someplace, books are the sovereign I buy as a memory and I write down the details on the first page like the date, day, and the place from where I bought it. One can travel the whole world and switch to places in a few pages. There is nothing as adventurous as books are. Sometimes the time freezes and sometimes you are never even aware of how fast the time passed while reading through the pages. They pour in different emotions in you and I have literally laughed and cried after reading plots. I spend most of my leisure time reading be it train journeys from home to hostel, evenings at college, or sleepless nights.

Reading books has got many advantages such as:

1. Increase in knowledge-

Everything you read adds on in your knowledge be it a fictional novel, non-fictions, historic books, or any other genre, there will always be something between the pages that will add up.

2. Develops vocabulary and expression-

The more you read, the more you get exposed to new words. You will always be able to express yourself better due to the huge amount of vocabulary.

3. Reduces stress-

Books will always take you to another world and make you forget your present issues. They are a source of entertainment which also helps one in various ways by developing one's personality.

4. Improves writing and speaking skills

5. Increases analytical thinking skills and focus-

You will be able to clearly think and state your opinions over things as storylines lead you to analyze characters and plots. The rest of the world just falls away when you are reading the book and hence it increases focus.

My love for books has been since I was a child and it will stay forever.

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