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There's Blood On Your Heart-Book Review

About the author- Chirasree Bose is a bestselling author of two books, namely Done With Her… and Mrs. Basu’s Uncensored Familism. Her debut book grabbed remarkable positions on Amazon bestsellers lists while also getting her the title of ‘the second most popular debut author of India’ in 2019. Chirasree’s second book, a humor-cum-drama, won the hearts of readers across the country through its clever jabs at societal norms.She is an editor, content writer, and software engineer with an indomitable passion for art and creativity.

Storyline- The plot centers around Nihar, who lost both of her parents when she was only eight years old and had no knowledge of her deceased mother or imprisoned father. She was living a lovely life in Sydney with her family and best friend Rik, but nightmares about her mother's death continued to torment her. She received an email out of the blue and had to rush back to India to uncover her background. What was in that email, exactly? What happened to her mother that caused her death? What significance does her past have for her? Along her path, she comes across many secrets about her past, the deaths of close ones, and new people. What I liked about the book! This book is structured into 72 chapters (most of which are quite short) that alternate between the past and the present, providing a clear picture of the events. I was hooked from the very first chapter itself. The opening few pages of the first chapter draw you into the plot, and you can feel the thrill. The plot is quite intriguing and intricately knit. The characters are vividly depicted, and they add to the story's attractiveness. I would highly recommend this book to every thriller lover.

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