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The Silent Patient

Book name: The silent patient Author: Alex Michaelides Category: Psychological Thriller

Alex Michaelides is an American Film Institute screenwriter. He wrote films such as 'The Devil You Know' and 'The Con Is On'. He was born in Cyprus and now resides in the United Kingdom. His debut book, The Silent Patient, is also being adapted into a film.

What people become and how they respond is dependent on how they are handled as children and often people's current behaviors are a result of their early memories, as Alicia and Theo, the book's protagonists, demonstrate.

Alicia kills her partner, Gabriel, and then never speaks again until Theo, a psychotherapist, enters her life and helps her recover by going through her life experiences and journal entries and forcing her to speak after a long period of silence. In the book, Theo also reveals his story and compares it to Alicia's, concluding that they are both to blame for how they were reared as children. When all of the psychotherapists had given up on Alicia, it was Theo who was determined to bring her back in any way possible.

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later, in uglier ways." –Sigmund Freud

Theo suspects a number of people related to Alicia's life who may have murdered Gabriel rather than Alicia, and he meets with everyone to find out the truth. He also learns that there was a stranger who used to follow her about her house, and she would occasionally catch him studying her home from afar. Since Alicia is an artist, Theo reintroduces drawing into her life to help her recover. The novel features storylines that take place in the past and present at the same time, which adds to the suspense.

The conclusion of this book will certainly leave you spellbound, as Alicia's diary breaks the mystery of what exactly happened on the day when Alicia shot Gabriel. This book is a perfect thriller and brilliantly written. If you're looking for a psychological thriller, this is the book to read.

Until next time, keep reading and wandering in different plots.

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