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The Secret Of The Stolen Idols-Book Review

About the author-

Vivek R Chaturvedi is a full-time banker in his economic life and is a biking enthusiast and an adventurer. He has a commendable record of extreme sports including sky diving, paragliding, bungee jumps, scuba diving, and many more. He has lived his life in Goa, closely watching it transform from a forlorn hippie haven of the 80s into a commercial tourist paradise of the present.


Gururaj, our protagonist, is at the center of the plot. He is the last of the Betaal-worshiping Goan priests. The story takes place in Goa, India. Gururaj is astounded to see that the stolen idols from his ancestral temple have been sold in the local marketplaces. He recalls a day in his childhood when the robbery of idols took place. He must reclaim the idols in order to maintain the Goan custom of worshipping Betaal. Will he be able to get the idols back and save his culture? How many people are behind the heist and how will they react on facing each other? Will Gururaj find out who stole the idols? The plot slowly reveals all the answers to these questions which raises curiosity in the reader's mind.

What I liked the most about the book!

The plot was well-organized and written, and there were multiple characters in the novel. Each character has been given enough room to have an impact on the plot. The narrative also provides insight into Goa's culture and mythology, as well as their gods. Also, I had no idea that Betaal was worshipped; learning about Goan mythology through this book was fascinating. The plot is packed with action, thrills, and tension, and the narration is easy to follow thanks to the simple terms. The cover is stunning and gives off a mythical vibe to the reader. If you are a thriller enthusiast then this book is a must-read.

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