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The Five Staged Waterfall- Pandavkund

Pandavkund derives its name from the fact that the waterfall cascades in five stages. This lovely waterfall is located 52 kilometers from Valsad in Rohiyal Talat, and few people are aware of its existence.

Because we were in between villages, we saw agriculture all around us, as well as children playing with tyres and sticks, leaping off causeways, and swimming in rivers.

We could definitely hear the sound of water falling once we were close to the waterfall. To get to the waterfall, we had to walk through a stony route. The most astounding thing about it is that, because it is a five-stage waterfall rather than a tall one, you can stand on the side of it. Water flows downwards and between the rocks through a massive check dam. Because of their texture and color, I could tell the rocks were of different types. It was also a lot of fun for me and my cousins to jump over the check dam gaps. We had to be careful and walk on rocks because of the high water pressure and algae.

Because this location is not well-known, it is quiet, calm, and a wonderful spot to rest. You can either sit over a rock or immerse your feet in water to find peace, as I did by sitting alone on the rock. We brought our own food because there are no alternatives other than local huts and farms. Women and children usually visit the check dam, so one may speak with the locals. The greatest time to observe the full-fledged fall is during the monsoon.

Until next time, stay safe and stay happy.

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