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The Boon- Book Review

About the author-

Mayur Sarda is a Chartered Accountant and into the textile business in Surat. His passion for reading books inspired him to write 'The Boon' on which he was working for almost 4 years.


The story begins with Anusha Maheshwari who gives up on her life and decides to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. After she jumps off the bridge she meets her spiritual guide in her afterlife and is sent back to earth to find her boon. While she is figuring out about her boon she is asked by her grandfather to take a journey to the Yukteshwar Ashram in Dharmashala. Her grandfather asks her to go to the Ashram to collect letters written by her great grandfather which could only be collected by the heir. From her journey to the Ashram to her journey in the Ashram is extremely fascinating. The way her Guru Raghav Shashtri guides her to get the letters is an amazing journey in itself. Amidst this letter collection part, will she be able to find her boon? Will Anusha be able to find her boon under the stipulated time or will she be called back from Earth? What are the lessons which she learns during her stay at the Ashram?

What I liked the most!

This book was a fantastic inspiration, and the way the entire tale was written was incredible. Every detail of the story piqued my interest as to what would happen next. Each chapter of the book has diverse and important morals, and the language and phrases used are basic, making the plot simple to follow. The portrayal is excellent, and the story's core and pearls of wisdom linger in your mind long after you've finished reading it.

'2nd Letter- Space Of Responsibility,' which taught me that we are responsible for the space in which we are at any given time, was one of my favorite chapters.

My idea of the term 'responsibility' completely changed after I came to this cave. Earlier, I used to think that one should be responsible towards their family members and that was it. But today, I realized that we are also responsible for the place we are in and even the people who are with us in that place we are in and even the people who are with us in that place during that time. It doesn't matter whether the people in your surroundings are your family members or not, if they require your help, you are liable to help them.
-'2nd Letter- Space Of Responsibility' (The Boon)

It is a very different type of spiritual story and a must-read plot.

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