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Sky Gazing- Understanding And Embracing Life

Have you ever sat under the stars, watching a gorgeous sunset, dawn, or staring at the stars, moon, and night? There are a few things I have realized during sky-gazing while listening to music and relaxing on the terrace. Sky gazing is a part of my everyday routine because it is one of my favorite activities. Here are a few reasons why sky-gazing is my favorite activity and understanding about life which I have embraced through it.

1. No boundaries- When I look up at the night sky and watch the stars, I am always struck by how vast the universe is, and how there are no limits to what we can achieve.

2. How negligible we are!- When I compare myself to celestial bodies such as planets, stars, meteors, and other bodies, I begin to feel insubstantial. And all of a sudden, I realize how insignificant our issues are in comparison to the vastness of the universe. We waste time worrying about problems that don't even matter.

3. Embracing freedom- Freedom is something that everyone wishes for. It is the oxygen to our soul and when the calm breeze passes by, one feels as though one is flying like a free bird while staring at the sky.

4. Perceive changes- The sky changes every time you look at it. The sky is clear at times and cloudy at others. Similarly, we may encounter dark days in our lives from time to time, but things will eventually improve. The sky changes colors from blue to yellow to red to pinkish purple and then black. The moon changes phases as time passes, as the sun rises and sets. In our life, it's all dynamic, and nothing is constant.

5. Escaping the reality- For a little while, I am at peace in the world of clouds and birds, the world of stars and the moon. Everyone has their approach to escaping reality, and some individuals prefer to stay in reality rather than fleeing. However, gazing at the sky can help you forget about everything for a moment.

6. There is beauty in everything- There is beauty in every element of nature, and the sky is no exception. Beautiful constellations are made by positions of star. I often sit under the sky, watching the clouds change shape, sometimes resembling a dinosaur, and other times resembling a dolphin.

Not only does observing the sky gives one peace but also helps in understanding certain aspects of life.

Until next time, keep embracing the dynamicity of the sky.

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