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Self Respect

Self-respect means having faith in yourself and believing that you are deserving of respect. It serves as the foundation for all of your decisions and how you allow others to treat you. It is critical to respect the person in front of you, but it is also essential to respect yourself.

When someone says anything to us, especially someone close to us, we lose faith in ourselves and begin to believe that we are undeserving of respect, yet self-respect is one of the most crucial qualities one should possess. When people are in strong relationships, they lose their self-respect, so make sure you draw a line for yourself so you don't disappoint yourself.

Ways to build self-respect:

1. Acceptance: If you accept yourself for who you are, you will never allow others to diminish your self-esteem. Accept your shortcomings and inconsistencies. Accept and celebrate who you are!

2. Self-love: Be proud of your physical form, skin, scars, or anything else about yourself. You are enough and precious, and there is nothing more wonderful than carrying your parents' genes. It is crucial to love not just your physical self, but also your nature and natural conduct.

4. Don't allow other people's opinions to affect you: It's not about what other people think; it's about how you feel about your thoughts and actions. However, it's necessary to listen to the advice of some individuals, such as elders. Don't let what people say influence you.

5. Recognize your assets: Recognizing your strengths leads to a strong sense of self-worth. Also, be aware of your weakness.

When someone treats you like you're simply an option, help them reduce their options by removing yourself from the equation. 

There is no turning back once you quit losing your self-respect. As a result, valuing yourself is a critical first step toward increasing your confidence, strength, and self-love. Never jeopardize your dignity for the sake of someone else.

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