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Queendom-Book Review

Manoj Ramchandran, the author of this book started his career as a copywriter in Madison advertising and soon he started his creative boutique, Touche communications in 1991. He has written various books such as Kaleidoscope, Tinsel, and many more.

The story starts with Alysa Patel, who is the descendent of Ms. Mayuri Rani Devi. After her death, Alysa receives pieces of jewelry and royal stuff as a descendant. She takes interest in her ancestor and carries on with some digging about the royal stuff and finds out that the coins represent the reign of Queen Naiki Devi and Kuram Devi of Patan, Gujarat. The story includes the battle of Kayadara, the wedding of Queen Samyukta, and how she eloped with Prithviraj Chauhan. Then comes the first battle of Tarain where Muhammed Ghori loses to Prithviraj Chauhan but Prithviraj Chauhan doesn't kill Muhammed Ghori rather leaves him.

Learning from the battle, Ghori along with his brother proceeds to Persia in search of Qutub-ud-din Aibak who was a slave but Ghori turned him into his army's commander. They plan out strategies and using them they are victorious against Prithviraj Chauhan in the second battle of Tarain. Ghori declares Aibak as the Sultan of Hind and Aibak moves forward to conquer the territories of Hind. Having come to know about the death of the kings and soldiers, women and queens decide to perform Jouhar but Queen Kuram Devi decides to fight back Aibak.

Queen Kuram Devi trains Chittorgarh's female regiment and along with her army and strategies she injuries Aibak in Amber. Having believed that she had killed Aibak and completed her vow, she committed Jouhar at last. Aibak didn't die but recovered from his wounds and later declared himself as the Sultan of Hind.

We learn from history that we do not learn from history. -Georg W.F. Hegel

When you read the book, you will realize how amazing it was about women being empowered in time. The author has brought up an incredible part of Queen Naiki Devi and Queen Kuram Devi's history and their brave events. The queens were brave and powerful enough to fight any battle. I personally love history and it was great to come across this part of history lost in time. It is a must-read book even if you are not a history lover.

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