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My Mom- A Woman Of Substance

My mother and I have a very different bond than a typical mother-daughter one. When people see us together and hear us conversing, they don't realize we're mother and daughter; instead, they ask whether we're sisters or friends, which we are. She is the only person to whom I can tell anything and who will not condemn any of my words or acts, but rather will applaud my modest victories and encourage me in my failures. We are nearly identical, with the majority of our likes and dislikes in common. Reading books, spending time in nature, avoiding crowds, hating loud noises, and a variety of other activities are just a few examples.

She began her career as a teacher and is now the principal of a school. Her journey from being a teacher in Savli to Baroda to Chikhli to ultimately being the Principal of a school in Valsad is quite remarkable. She used to come all the way from Savli and Baroda on weekends simply to spend time with us. I have many recollections of her at Baroda, from her taking me to the crossword for reading books to eating McDonald's burgers.

To name a few, she excels in all of her duties as a daughter, sister, mother, and wife. Despite being exhausted from school, she never fails to be a family member. Starting at 5 AM for cooking and then going to work along with conducting all the household chores.

She being a single-lunged patient, extends herself more than what she can and justifies all her roles without fail. I have always been proud of how she travels with us even to places where she might face respiratory issues, just to watch the entire world and gain experiences.

From what I observed of her school to what it is now, there has been tremendous growth in every category of school administration. Under her leadership, the school has garnered numerous honors for everything from revamping the school's whole infrastructure and site to assisting kids in their education with the full support of her staff and instilling a new level of discipline in each and every member of her school, today the school has received various awards under her leadership including the 'National Green School Award'.

She continued to educate herself till she completed her master's degree in education at the age of 38 Learning about a variety of topics not only via books but also through YouTube and Google demonstrates how she is evolving with time. She is the epitome of never giving up on education and learning throughout one's life.

What I have learned from her throughout my life is that you can be a team player as well as a leader, that being mentally strong is more important than being physically strong, playing multiple roles as a person is essential and something that can't be denied, one must evolve with time in order to stand out from the crowd, one must observe more talk only when necessary, there is always a room for improvement and many more.

A person with a warm heart, beautiful nature, and indeed a woman of substance, none other than my mom.

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