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Sailing Through A Hidden Gem-Munroe Islands

Munroe Islands(click on the under-lined link to go the location on maps) are a series of islands in Kerala's Kollam district, at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River. Water channels and lakes separate the islands. As it is Kerala it is obvious that we found backwaters everywhere. We went on a boat trip to the island. The water channels were lined with coconut trees and we arrived at the island's temple, which was painted in a variety of bright colors. The little islands were joined by bridges erected across the channels. Localities mostly use boats as transportation for sailing around which are typically made up of wood and well designed.

Backwater channels

There were vast agricultural areas all around, primarily planted with rice. To keep our heads from collapsing, we had to bow down whenever a bridge passed above us.

Bridge connecting two islands

There were fisheries for numerous species of fish as well as prawn farming. We also got coconut water made from fresh coconuts harvested right then and there.

Mom-Dad enjoying fresh coconut

We arrived at a little plot of ground where I observed native ladies creating ropes from coconut fibers. This was accomplished with the help of a little machine, in which all of the coconut fibers were placed inside the machine's container and ropes were made. There were also several fruit trees and shrubs, such as pineapple bushes and banana trees. There were various trees including the coffee bean tree.

Native woman making rope out of coconut fibers

It was incredibly relaxing to sail through the channels that circled the group of islands. Being our self-drive road trip, once our sail was over we took our car to the other end of the huge river in a boat. It was fascinating to observe their everyday activities and way of life as people who live on an island. It's a lesser-known tourist attraction, but it's a must-see place if you're in Kerala.

Our car being taken to the other end in a boat

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