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Malshej Ghat-Road Trip

Monsoon changes one's mood from poor to good, and to improve one's spirit, one organizes a modest weekend getaway with family to get away from daily chores. During the monsoon, my dad came across Malshej Ghat, a lovely mountain pass with wonderful waterfalls, trekking sites, and other worthwhile tourist destinations, and in no time we planned a journey to this place. Malshej Ghat is a three-hour drive from Mumbai.

We started our road trip early because Malshej was quite far. We passed through the verdant Sahyadri hills and gorgeous forest-like settlements on my way there and back. Because of the rainstorm and big trees with greenery all around me, the entire road trip made my eyes feel quite tranquil, and good music playing in the car added to the pleasant feeling. Throughout our journey, we encountered numerous long tunnels. We had warm food and drinks, which was the best suite.

Our major location, the car wash site, was visible from a distance after we arrived at Malshej Ghat. The road where many waterfalls are situated back to back and the waterfalls on our vehicle, organically cleaning our cars, is known as a car wash point. When we arrived, the monsoon was light, so we only saw one large waterfall along the route; but, when the monsoons are severe, multiple waterfalls can be seen on the single road. Water rushes down from the mountains and falls on the road as it travels down it.

I put on my raincoat, got out of the car, and walked down to the base of the waterfall, where I began whirling while closing my eyes, enjoying to the fullest. The droplets from the waterfall above me fascinated me and took away all my worries.

A viewpoint with views of the Sahyadri highlands is only a short distance away, and there was also a hill inhabited by algae growth in the shape of a beautiful heart. Trekking to the hills and visiting forts around Malshej Ghat are also options. My journal entries now include yet another amazing experience of having fun between mountain passes and waterfalls.

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