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Life Lessons I have Learnt From Cartoons

Watching stuff has got a huge impact on what we become and definitely watching cartoons in my childhood has shaped me into what I'm today. Watching the right thing is important and I can proudly say that all the cartoons I watched being a child be it Scooby-doo, Baby looney tunes, Noddy, and others have inculcated something good in me.

I have listed two of my favorite cartoons below which taught me various lessons.


It was an American cartoon series show debuted in the year 2001 whose protogonist is a blue octopus named Oswald. Oswald is still my favorite cartoon out of all the other cartoons.

Life lessons from Oswald:

1. Accepting everyone - In this cartoon are a diverse array of characters such as Daisy (flower), Weenie(Dog), Madame butterfly, Henry (penguin), and nearly all the animal kingdoms have been covered. The value of accepting all and open mind to everybody was implied by this whole notion of involving different organism species.

2. Tolerating and working upon problems- There's something wrong in each episode, but Oswald tolerates the problems, monitors them, and works to solve them all.

3. Good manners- Oswald and other characters always greet each other whenever they meet on their ways such as wishing good morning or evening. Oswald wears a black hat and he always greets people by removing his hat like a true gentleman. All the characters help each other whatever the situation is.

Mr. Bean Animated series:

This animated series is based on the British live-action television sitcom show that debuted in the year 2002.

Life lessons from Mr.Bean:

1. Enjoy your own company- Not always everyone will be present and Mr.Bean is always alone but still, he enjoys his own company. He writes letters to himself, takes himself out for dinner, and does everything alone. Even though we are alone we must learn to create our happiness.

2. Think out of the box- Be it making a machine for shopping out of scratch or constructing a flying car, Mr.Bean always brought solutions to his problems which were completely out of the box and unexpected. This taught me to think out of the box and also that there could be multiple solutions for a single problem.

3. Talk less and be yourself- One will always find Mr. Bean comfortable, funny, childish, and not trying to fake but being himself. Talking less and when needed is what is important rather than speaking unnecessarily all the time.

Until next time, keep evolving.

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