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The Lessons I Have Learned From My Garden's Flowers

Whenever I closely observe nature. I always find some life lessons from them. It may be some organisms, flowers, and plants, or anything from nature. Here are the three flowers from my garden, from what I have learned various lessons.


1.Life is not fair:

On a thorny shrub, a rose flower bud develops, blooms, and the petals wither. We all have ups and downs in our lives, just like the rose. Rose teaches us how to thrive in such a harsh environment and even boldly bloom in it. Life isn't always kind to us; we, too, have our thorns but remember to stand strong and bloom like a rose.

2.Life is temporary:

The rose flower only blooms a few times before withering, meanwhile, it spreads its scent over the world and mesmerizes people's moods by imprinting itself on others in its environment, including ourselves. Similarly, we may or may not have a long life span, but we must never forget to work and be generous so that when we leave this world, people will remember us.


We water and feed the rose plant every day, and it thrives thanks to the gardener's attention to detail. It is also necessary to take care of ourselves. It's critical to hydrate ourselves with the correct information, the right amount of things, and to learn and absorb something new every day.

Asiatic lily:

1.Wait for the right time:

The Asiatic lily's blossoms only bloom once a year and store all of their water and food in their bulb (modified root), which they release when the weather conditions are appropriate and they have enough energy. In the same manner, one must conserve energy to bloom when the time comes. It's crucial to wait for the perfect moment as the Asiatic lily does. You may not be successful every time, but you will be successful at some point in your life.

2.Storing energy for the future:

The bulbs of this plant store energy, water, and food for a year while also expanding in size. To utilize it when the time comes, one must save energy and continue to acquire new experiences and information.


1.Growing in a harsh environment:

Canna always grows in a drainage region or a lot of mud, although it also grows in good soil. One must be adaptable in every situation, good or bad, to thrive. Even those who grow up in a bad environment can be proud and beautiful.

2.Proud of being not perfect:

Canna flowers are asymmetrical, come in a variety of colors, and may have spots and patches, like the one in my garden has, but it still looks lovely. It might not appear exactly like other flowers, but it is proud of who it is. Canna tells us that while we may not all be ideally built or have beautiful bodies and skins, we should be proud of who we are.

Flowers don't have a scope of improvement, but we do have so until next time keep evolving and learning from nature.

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