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Lessons I have learned from the Web Series-Vikings

Michael Hirst produced and wrote the historical drama television series Vikings for the History channel, a Canadian network. Vikings is based on the sagas of Ragnar Lodbrok, a famous Norse hero who is renowned as the scourge of Anglo-Saxon England and West Francia. Ragnar is shown as a farmer who rises to prominence by conquering England and, with the help of his family and other fighters, finally becomes a Scandinavian king. The series recounts his sons' fortunes and exploits throughout England, Scandinavia, Kievan Rus', the Mediterranean, and North America in later seasons.


The lessons I have learned from this series are:

1. Keep Exploring-The Vikings quenched their hunger for knowledge throughout the 8th–10th centuries. Iceland, Greenland, and North America were among the places they visited. They always had a broader vision and didn't restrict their mindset at any point of time and that is how they were able to discover new lands.


2. Rigorous training-The Vikings understood that battle victory required rigorous training. You will find all the warriors undergoing rigorous training and enhancing their battle skills now and then. They also had a proper diet and grew their food and also consumed meat as a source of protein. They very well knew good health and training leads to victory.

3. Facing obstacles- Obstacles to overcome are referred to as challenges. When Rus, Swedish Vikings, arrived in Byzantium, they beheld Constantinople's practically invincible walls. At that point, the majority of the attackers gave up. The Russians were unique. They regarded them as just another obstacle to overcome. The siege of Paris is depicted in the Vikings series as a comparable circumstance. We may shift how we think about problems, seeing them as challenges to overcome rather than dismal situations. They also teach us to never give up.


4. Celebrate your victories-Celebrations will arise after every tiny victory or conquer the Vikings achieve. When they return from a successful fight, they celebrate with wonderful food, drink, music, and dance.

5. Respect women and believe in god- They admired women and recognized their power. There were female leaders, such as Lagartha(Ragnar's wife), who taught young girls in the same way that they trained males. When Ragnar was not there, Lagertha took charge of their kingdom and managed it well. They believed in their gods and their rituals and cultures have been shown well in the series.


6. Learn from your mistakes and keep family as the first priority- All of the warriors learned from their failures and accepted the consequences. No matter what came in their way they always held their family members together and didn't let break the family despite anything.

Yes, I have made mistakes. Life didn't come with instructions.
-Ragnar, Vikings

7. Never underestimate anyone's strength- Despite the fact that Ivar, Ragnar's son, is disabled, he manages to combat other warriors fairly and is shown to turn his limitations into strengths.

Until next time, stay happy and stay safe.

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