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Kikki-Book Review

Kaushal Vijay was born and brought up in Kota-Rajasthan. He has a degree in civil engineering from NIT Jalandhar. Currently, he is living with his parents in Ahmedabad and working as a Project Engineer in an urban planning consultancy. He is very passionate about storytelling.

The story is about Kaushal aka Kikki and his family who were living happily until his father met with an accident and the tables turn. They had to sacrifice a lot of things in their life and it was too early for him to face such harsh situations. This made him stronger and mature at a very young age. Further, he dreams of getting into NIT and works hard for his goals. But even after you do everything right, things do not tend to fall in place and that hurts the most. It was the time when he could not get admission to NIT despite getting a seat. He had to try for a private engineering college. But eventually, he gets admission in NIT. The sacrifices parents make for a living and the family can be seen in Kikki's story.

What I liked about the book!

One needs courage to share their part of life story and hats off to Kaushal Vijay for doing it. The words used were simple and the narration was lucid that anyone can easily understand. There was a good flow of storytelling. The whole book at the end reaffirms one's faith in love and bonds. They didn't give up although everything was falling apart and rather than complaining, they fought every battle to make a good life.

This book leaves behind an untold lesson of all the times, to love your parents because they are the ones before everything else.

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