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!M s0 H@CKED- Book Review

About the author-

Gautam Mayekar, the author of this book is an ethical hacker who works for TIBCO and was born and brought up in Goa. His hobbies include playing football and table tennis along with being a sporadic blogger.⁶ This novel, 'I'm So Hacked ' was his debut novel released in May 2019 which is a techno-psycho-thriller genre book. 'Stoned! The Untold Story of Co-weed 20' is another sci-fi written by him.


@v!(Avi), a security analyst at QuickBit, is the protagonist. He is striving to create a balance between the past and the present when he is unexpectedly approached by an unwelcomed acquaintance who urges him to seek vengeance and plots a cyber-attack. He even gets to the point where he can't tell the difference between the real and imagined worlds. M@Dr1 (Madhav Rao) manipulates @v! into joining him in his game of societal vengeance. He's been assigned the task of carrying out major cyber attacks, which he intends to do with the help of @v!'s friends, $@m, and K!LL3R. The story begins with @v! working normally but after M@Dr1's entry into his life things change and he becomes a different person. Who are $@m and K!LL3R in real life? Will @v! and M@Dr1 be able to achieve their objectives, or will their plan be derailed? Whether Avi's past is affecting his further actions or is it just Madhav Rao's influence?

There is no such thing as odd and even. The entire world comprises of binary. Zero and one. If you use one somewhere then you cant undo it, unless everything shuts down. The only way to initiate everything again is by using zero.

What I liked the most about the book!

The book's cover page captivates the reader's interest in reading the book. Usage of symbols and letters was very unique to read such as those used in coding. For example H@PpY n3W y3@r for Happy New Year. The plot flowed smoothly, and the character switches were seamless. The story's plot keeps you interested till the very end. This was my first experience reading a techno-thriller, and it was brilliant. The entire story is narrated by Avi as an introvert and hence I found the narration of the story very apt. A lot of lines in the book are so catchy and they give you perfect life lessons.

If you are looking for a unique plot and a story of a hacker's life, this is the one book you would love to have hands-on.

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