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Her Smile-Book Review

The author of this book is Anitha Kumar. She is very passionate about writing and has published many Tamil novels as well as English novels. Some of her works include 'Anamika', 'Shruthi' and 'My love'.

The story begins with Aishwarya, who meets Tharun at work and falls in love with him. Tharun later travels to America for a new project, and they get married shortly after his arrival. Everything goes well at first, but Tharun soon begins to restrict Aishwarya and wants her to leave her work. To maintain the bond, she quits her work, and Tharun imposes additional restrictions, such as not leaving the house without his permission and possessing a personal phone. Once the boundaries have been passed, Aishwarya becomes exhausted and returns to her right, away from Tharun.

Tharun and Aishwarya later get divorced. Aishwarya joins another MNC, and her parents encourage and assist her. Kevin, on the other hand, gets engaged to Deepa, who has lung sickness. She psychologically succumbs to the disease, her condition deteriorates, and she eventually dies. Kevin is promoted to a higher position a few moments later. Aishwarya meets Harish, a childhood buddy, and his wife and child a year later, but Harish divorces her wife later.

Aishwarya, on the other side, starts working where Kevin is the manager, and Kevin dives a little deeper into Aishwarya because he finds her exactly like Deepa. On the same day, Kevin and Harish propose to Aishwarya, but Aishwarya discovers that Harish is not a good person. Kevin and Aishwarya fall in love and marry each other. Kevin is filled with her genuine smile, which is free of concerns, unhappiness, or regret.

What I liked the most?

The nicest element of the book was how simple it was to read and how well it flowed. The best part of the narrative was Aishwarya's parents' support and understanding of her in every scenario, without pressuring her to do anything. They tried their hardest for their daughter and gave it their all. Another aspect I enjoyed was how Aishwarya attempts to adapt to the circumstances at first in order to keep the bond, and then when that fails, she seeks her rights.

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