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Exploring Don Village In Monsoon

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

When monsoon hits, the first thing that comes to mind is to travel somewhere close where there is a lot of greenery, most likely a hill station, and sit in the rain with a teacup in hand and some warming food.

Don village, 141 kilometers from Valsad located in Dang, is a small hill station about which not many people are aware but is worth visiting. While climbing the mountain hills and looking at the cloudy sky, wet roads, and water seeping through mountains we reached Don village's border. There were no houses and only green land all around, and a straight road in between.

We(me along with my parents) weren't aware of a waterfall which was located in Don village and came to know about it from a few locals who showed us the route. We walked nearly 3 kilometers. While walking we came across villagers with their cattle, women carrying dry grasses on their heads. It was amazing to see people using a shed-like thing made up of sticks and plastics instead of using an umbrella that covered their head and half body and prevented them from getting wet. The road was not entirely built of tar, but rather muddy and unpaved and the area was full of fog.

It was great to trek to an unknown location without relying on GPS. We were walking through the woods and could hear the waterfall from afar; it was quite loud. We first came to a check dam and a minor waterfall, but the villagers told us that there was another, larger waterfall ahead, so we continued trekking. The region was completely muddy, and the path was also slick owing to algae. I spotted a variety of wild plant species embedded in the rocks, including wild ferns. Finally, we came upon the massive waterfall, which was gushing with water from the top. Even when I was not near the waterfall, tiny raindrops from the cascade rained down on me. The water gushed from the pebbles and rocks to form a river and disappeared ahead.

We stood there for a bit, taking in the breathtaking scenery in front of us and it felt like pure bliss, before beginning to walk back to our car it began to rain. People in the village lived in wooden houses, and only a few were particularly sturdy, and they were conventional huts with cattle and huge agricultural lands. The rainwater even flooded the causeway that linked two settlements. The day ended well with a new spot added to my travel experiences, it was altogether a new adventure for me.

To learn more and feel wild, one should explore unknown locations more frequently. When everything is unknown and unclear, the experience becomes more enjoyable, and one feels at ease and fulfilled at the conclusion.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.
-Robert Frost 

Until next time, enjoy monsoons and stay adventurous.

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