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For The Irreplaceable Ones

Today, when I sit back and rewind my childhood memories all I find, is how beautifully my grandparents raised me.

From gardening with grandpa and asking him if the brinjal sapling could grow fish on it (a ridiculous question), to playing with both of them and cycling in the house and selling vegetables to them from our refrigerator, to listening to bedtime stories including Indian epics and literature, to grandpa preparing my hair for school like he always did for his daughters, to grandma waiting for me to come home and share every single detail about the day to them, fighting with grandpa over the remote to watch cartoons while he watched cricket matches, and then making grandma the chief justice for the same (not only was she a chief justice, but both of them were my Supreme Court against mom-dad), cracking jokes, and dadi cooking Lady's finger and French toast for me even when I was hungry at midnight. I'll never forget the flavor of her sheera and sevay, which she made herself. When things went wrong, they were always there. They were the start of my day and the end of my day.

I have been staying with my grandfather and in his habitat due to which much of my activities and habits are like him such as my love towards books and gardening(also not letting my parents cut down plants). They used to wait for me on the doorstep when I returned from school unless I was in their sight, and they even used to drop me off at my bus stop even when I was 16. Dada loved going to the market every day and making sure he got something for me, and going to the nearby temple with Dadi was soo much fun to a bunch of other sweet memories which are very difficult for me to pen down in brief here.

They've always told me about their background and how they struggled to get to work by walking kilometers, as well as their parents and how they lived. They made me travel their world through their memories. Dada had a radiant personality, and his kindness always warmed people's hearts, whereas Dadi was a very calm individual.

They not only did appreciate me for my good deeds and not only was I always a very pampered kid but also equally scolded me for every wrong step I took in my life. My grandparents were both educators, but I was never reared in a rigorous environment; rather, I was nurtured in a lighthearted manner with life lessons, sound guidance, and unconditional love. When I was in my primary grades, I was asked who my role model was, and without hesitation, I said my grandparents, and definitely, when someone asks me about it today, my answer will remain the same and forever.

There are moments when we are unable to communicate our feelings and bonds, and this is one of those occasions. There is so much to say, but no words will ever be sufficient.

These two wonderful souls are the ones who shaped me into the person I am today. They did, in fact, make the previous 18 years of my life harmonious. I will always feel that void in my life that they are no longer with me. I love and miss you both very much. Thank you soo much for everything.

Your's lovingly,


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