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Exploring Meghalaya

We started our journey of traveling Meghalaya which was a part of our North-East trip and headed towards Nohkalikai falls which was 54 kilometers away from Shillong where we were staying.

After a short distance of walking, I heard the waterfall and then saw the long waterfall on my right. Nohkalikai Falls is the world's fourth-highest waterfall which could be seen only from afar. This location was quite beautiful, and the waterfall became even thicker during heavy rains. The waterfall was surrounded by beautiful forest and mountain terrains, and it dropped into a tiny pond-like area before flowing like a river. From the falls we headed towards the Mawsmai caves and in between, I also came across kids playing football.

We had to hike a short distance before entering the Mawsmai caves. It had water sipping and dripping in some spots, and the interior rocks had changed shape due to the water dripping for years. We had to restrict our bodies and move in some places. The cave had a lower oxygen level than the outside. Crossing the caverns was almost like an adventure due to the tiny passages. It was dark in there, and nothing would have been visible if artificial lighting was not present. There were numerous fossils, and the caves beneath our feet were an incredible world. Only a few areas of the cave received natural light; the remainder was lit by artificial lights. The caves ended and we had to descend down the stairs in order to get to the parking area. We were set for seven sisters falls which was nearby the caves.

We proceeded to the Seven Sisters Waterfall, which is located on Khasi Hill and plunges a limestone cliff. The seven waterfalls are segmented falls that eventually create a river. The surrounding region was densely forested, with mountains in the distance.

We began walking according to the direction board as we arrived at the living root bridge's parking lot, and after descending the stairs, we arrived at the living root bridge. It was naturally made up of rubber fig roots. The roots intertwined, and the bridge was strong enough to support humans. The feeling of walking across the bridge was incredible. There was a river running beneath me, and the roots provided natural support. The river flowed by the sides of the trek route, and I saw locals carrying heavy loads up the hill, and they appeared to be very strong.

Then we went down to the river, where there was less water running and large rocks were visible, we walked across them. On our way back from the root bridge, we came across a small tree house from which we could see our surroundings. There was very little public here due to which we could enjoy the place and nature more.

Mawlynnong is Asia's cleanest village, and after arriving there, we roamed in the village. The area was immaculately clean, and each house had a small garden with lovely flowers. Women were swiping through the village's narrow streets. My cousin and I too got separated from our family group in the village. After that, we hunted them down and went for lunch at a neighboring eatery, where they served traditional Meghalayan salads and steamed veggies, as well as organic vegetables produced in the family's farm which was running the eatery. The weather in this village was lovely although a little misty.

We headed off for Dawki, a tiny village in the Jaintia Hills on the Indian-Bangladeshi border. To mark the border, a mound of stones was kept. On the other side, I observed our country's army and their army with weapons ensuring safety. On their side of the border, there were also Bangladeshi visitors. We went boating on the Dawki River, and the water was so clean that the boats appeared to float in mid-air. I could see the riverbed and tiny pebbles since the water was clear. Rowing the boat around was incredible, and the boat rower also led us to a mountain cliff, which made me feel like I was in a foreign place. We also encountered an excessive amount of truck traffic owing to the Bangladesh border. This location seemed like something out of a fairy tale.

This was a part of our Northeast India trip which will be continued ahead. Until next time, stay safe and stay happy.

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