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Dear stranger, I know how you feel

Dear Stranger, I know how you feel

Book Name: Dear stranger, I know how you feel

Author: Ashish Bagrecha

Category: Self-help

An entrepreneur by mind and a writer by heart, Ashish Bagrecha is one of India's most popular Instagram poets. He began writing about love, life, and other topics in high school, with the goal of becoming an author someday. He began writing this book while battling anxiety and depression and decided to write it for everyone else who was going through the same thing.

We still have a mindset in which we are reluctant to express our emotions to our friends, parents, or any other close person. We keep stuffing things into ourselves, and then the volcano erupts unpleasantly one day. Mental wellbeing is undeniably a problem these days.

The author addresses the reader as a stranger and portrays himself as a well-wisher. Despite not knowing the reader's backstory, he conveys the reader's emotions flawlessly. I'm not the only one... This is how I felt while reading this book, which comprises 30 heartfelt letters, each voicing a different emotion such as anxiety, emptiness, loss, pain, identity, and every other emotion. Every letter starts with a quote or a short poem related to the theme of the letter.

Some quotes from the book are:

That storm in your heart
Let it thunder 
Let it strike
Let it rain
Let it flood
Let it destroy
Let it destruct
And in the aftermath
You will find sunshine 
You will find new life
The storm will cease 
And you will find peace.
(Theme-About negatively)
If you're given the darkness,
You'll also be gifted with stars.
(Theme-About patience)

Whether or not you are going through a difficult time, this book is a must-read. Just by reading the author's letters, one feels as if he or she is interacting with someone. Reading each letter feels like you're crossing a deep ocean with great hope, heading for the shores of healing. While reading the book, you will begin to connect with yourself. If you're looking for a self-help book, this is surely the one.

Kick, Swim, Start and Trust the Universe.

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