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Dady-My Superhero!!!

A daughter's father is a superhero to her. To me, my father is much more than a parent. He plays a very important role in my life and it has always been his choice to provide me with the greatest education possible. In this entire world, there is no one I fear more than him. He is a fantastic friend and family member, as well as a traveler and a leader.

I have never met someone who is so dedicated to his love of sports and travel that no matter what, he makes it a point to attend a cricket event every Sunday and travel at least twice a year. On our road travels, we usually have a fantastic time talking about history and mysteries; I haven't found anybody else who enjoys talking about history to me as much as he does.

My mother has been a working mother who used to work from afar when I was a toddler, so she only used to come home on weekends, and at that time he was the one who looked after me. He clothed me, styled my hair, took me to get haircuts, took me shopping, dressed me up during school annual days, and used to wake me up early in the morning. It was a daily ritual to watch Thomas and his friends and other cartoons before school at 6 AM with him.

Us playing at home

During that time, he never made me a sense of my mother's absence. We also won the father-daughter race during playgroup, and we aim to win every fight of our life together.

Us receiving price at Eurokids

People frequently give up, but he is the one who never gives up and is willing to take any risk, even if the likelihood of success is only one percent. When my grandfather wasn't feeling well, none of my family members were as resolute and upbeat as he was and he tried his best for everything from staying in hospital for a span of a month where he didn't even see the sun to making grand-pa watch cricket in the hospital bed. He is the epitome of never giving up on anything be it education, learning, or anything else throughout one's life.

Dady and grand-pa

Just like my mother he too completed his master's degree later in his life inspiring me that there is no age for receiving an education. He is the only person I have met that pursues his passion and refuses to listen to anyone when it comes to doing what he enjoys be it anything. He always motivates me and ensures that I give it my all in everything I do.

Dady's childhood photo

He is a continual source of inspiration in all he does, from activities such as cooking to cleaning to completing other household chores. He worked in Palanpur and Gandhinagar a few years ago and used to come only on weekends after work to spend time with us. I feel the safest in his company, regardless of where I am on the globe.

Thank you for always being there for me, inspiring me, pushing me, and making me courageous and strong as I am now.

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