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Christmas Celebration Around The Globe!!!

Christmas is a yearly holy Christian celebration that honors the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder and supreme spiritual authority of Christianity. Even though many people celebrate Christmas to remember Jesus' birth, it is also a widely observed cultural event. The term "Christmas" is derived from the Old English phrase "Christ's Mass," Cristes maesse, which alludes to the Catholic custom of performing a special mass service to commemorate Jesus. Let us have a look at how it is celebrated around the world.

1. Philippines - The festival of enormous lanterns

The celebration of Christmas in the Philippines starts at the beginning of September! An important Filipino tradition is a countdown from September to December, which they refer to as the "Ber" months. The gigantic lantern festival held in San Fernando, often known as the Christmas Capital of the Philippines, is a striking custom in this nation. The enormous "parols" or lanterns that are displayed during this occasion are meant to symbolize the Star of Bethlehem. Imagine how bright the city would be if there were lanterns there, each measuring around six meters in diameter!

On Christmas Eve, folks partake in the customary "Noche Buena" feast and attend the church's midnight service. The primary dishes during the feast include cheese balls, fruit salad, and pasta.

2. Venezuela - Rolling about

Starting on December 16, people are ushered to church services by the sound of firecrackers and bells, making Christmas in Venezuela unique. People gather for a midnight mass on December 24 dubbed "Miso de Gallo," which translates to "rooster's mass" in Spanish. It is thought that the reason the rooster was the first to summon worshippers to the infant Christ's honor is how the ceremony earned its name.

The way that individuals attend these sessions is distinctive—they roller skate! Yes, people in the nation—particularly in the capital city of Caracas—roller skate to early-morning church services, and in order to make skating safer, highways are frequently closed to traffic. Pan de Jamon, a loaf of bread loaded with ham and raisins, dulce de colchinito, a dessert prepared with brown sugar and papaya, and pork pie are all part of the Christmas meal.

3. Australia - Beach, and grilling

Australia celebrates Christmas in the summer, unlike other nations! People typically spend their time at the beach or camping because it is the island's hottest season. Since it's summer, even Santa is seen wearing summer-appropriate lighter clothing. The "Australian Bush," a native tree with tiny green leaves and cream-colored blossoms, is frequently seen in homes. Within a few days, these flowers develop a rich shade of crimson, making them well-liked decorative objects. The Australians also go to a Carols by Candlelight service, which features carols performed by well-known Australian bands and singers. The Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Boxing Day cricket test match are both well-known athletic events that take place the day after Christmas.

The Hobart Yacht Race

Ham, roast chicken or turkey, salads, and roast vegetables are common Christmas lunch fare in Australia.

4. Greece - Christmas Festive Decorations and Boats

Decorating Christmas trees and boats has long been a tradition in the maritime nation of Greece. King Otto constructed the country's first Christmas tree in 1833 near a sizable decked boat that families had customarily erected to mark men's homecoming from sea expeditions. Large lit-up boats now appear beside trees in places like Thessaloniki and Athens.

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Typically, roast lamb or pork is served with a spinach and cheese pie with salads or vegetables on the side as part of the Greek Christmas meal.

5. Austria - Krampus Looks for Misbehaving Kids

St. Nicholas brings gifts to good children in Austria and Bavaria, while Krampus, the half-man, half-goat, makes his rounds to chastise bad children. To let off steam and scare young kids back into line, some men dress up as the spooky character for a Krampuslauf, or "Krampus run," where they parade through the streets.

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The main course of the Austrian Christmas supper is frequently roast goose, which is typically served with dumplings and red cabbage. The most popular cake in Vienna, Sachertorte, or cookies like vanillekipferl are typically served next (crescent-shaped biscuits made with nuts).

How do you celebrate Christmas? Let me know in the comments below. Merry Christmas everyone!

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