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Brain Waves-The Neural Oscillations

The brain is an electrochemical organ with electrical activity that manifests as brain waves. Neurons or nerve cells are the functional and structural units of the nervous system, and they are responsible for all body communication. Brain waves are a repetitive series of movements in the human body's central nervous system. Electroencephalography (EEG) is a method of measuring these waves under which electrodes are mounted on a person's head and an electrical wave is only identified as several neurons' nerve impulses are performed simultaneously. A unit hertz(Hz) is used to calculate these waves.

You are the most powerful transmission tower.

There are in total five types of brain waves:

1.Delta wave:

Frequency-0.5–4 Hz

This low-frequency wave is detected while the body is calm, such as while meditating or resting. When this wave is being produced, they abandon external consciousness and one is completely aware of himself. It aids in a person's recovery, which is why a good night's sleep is important for good health.

2.Theta waves:

Frequency-3 to 8 Hz

This wave aids memory, intuition, and understanding. We have access to facts outside of our natural consciousness. We keep our worries and concerns here. They are also powerful during sleep and deep meditation.

3.Alpha waves:

Frequency-8 to 12 Hz

They emerge as a result of free-flowing ideas. It's when we're in our present. It seems that our senses and mental processes are in sync and that we are calm and alert.

4.Beta waves:

Frequency-12 to 38 Hz

They are sensed when we are thinking, solving problems, reflecting on something, learning new insights, and constantly conversing with others. They are further subdivided into three categories.

A.Low Beta waves

B.Beta waves

C.High Beta waves

5.Gamma waves:

Frequency-38 to 42 Hz

They have the fastest frequency and help data travel quickly. The cause of these waves is still unknown, although it is thought that they are caused by spiritual emergence. This wave structure is still being researched by scientists.

Our neuro-physical fitness, as well as our mental well-being, are influenced by brain waves. Both over-arousal and under-arousal have negative effects on the human body, including fear, anxiety, sleep disturbances, poor behavior, frustration and rage, and even physical health issues.


Ways to balance the brain waves generation:

The best way to balance the wave generation in your brain is the most traditional method of performing yoga and meditation daily, rather than going ahead with chemical-based medications including drugs and steroids, listening to good and peaceful music including binaural beats, enjoying the elements of nature, and training your brain to be calm is the key to perfect mental and physical health.

Until next time, stay healthy, stay calm and do what brings peace to your mind in order to live a stress-free life.

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