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Book Review- Stoned! The Untold Story Of Co-Weed-20

About the author:

Gautam Mayekar, the author of this book is an ethical hacker who works for TIBCO and was born and brought up in Goa. His hobbies include playing football and table tennis along with writing about various things. His debut novel 'I'm So Hacked ' was released in May 2019 which is a techno-psycho-thriller genre book. This book is a compilation of series of posts by the author.


The story begins with Amar reciting his story onto the voice recorder of the time machine in which he is trapped, along with his companion Mohit, who has fallen asleep after testing positive for co-weed 20. Due to the use of co-weed 20, the entire city of Mumbai has fallen asleep. The story is told backward, and it was incredible to read the story in a reverse manner, in fact, the chapters are also numbered in a reverse way. We learn at the start of the story that Amar, the protagonist, is a chemical engineer who creates drugs from various plants and herbs and, in the process, creates co-weed 10. He is blown away by the results of this weed and plans to sell it to other drug dealers. The author transports us to the past, describing his meeting with Joana, the love of her life, and their amorous encounters. At the same time, we observe Amar and Mohit preparing concoctions to sell. In the entire novel, Mohit performs the perfect role of a real buddy.

"Amar, the chemical engineer, the scientist, the superhero, the peddler, the savior of the world, and this is his story.”

Amar intends to sell his co-weed formulations, but things go wrong and unforeseen occurrences occur, and Amar and Mohit are abducted, but they manage to escape and use the time machine to correct the situation. With only 12 hours left and Mohit sound asleep, Amar is at a loss on what to do to prevent the time machine from exploding. Will he be able to survive and save the world or something unexpected will happen?

What did I like the most in the book?

The most remarkable aspect of the book, in my opinion, was the humor factor sprinkled throughout at regular intervals, which never bored me; there were also Nucleya and Bollywood references, which were a lot of fun to read. It was so much fun to see how Amar and Joana celebrated Valentine's Week in their special way. The book is a Sci-fi book and many physics concepts have been used in it. The characters being stoned leads us to imagine everything and I felt like I was myself a part of the whole story. This is one of those books that has it all: fun, humor, a little adventure, and a little thrill.

Until next time, stay safe and stay tuned for many more book reviews.

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