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Book Review: Murdrum 2-Double trouble

About the author-

Dr. Sohil Makwana (MBBS, MD) enjoys both creative and scientific endeavors. He is a multifaceted individual. He enjoys his work as a fashion photographer, humorist, assistant director, screenwriter, fitness instructor, and most recently, a novelist when he is not caring for his patients. He firmly believes in the quest for knowledge and is aware that education never stops. He is able to create exciting mysteries that are both his work and his passion because of his knowledge and proficiency in the medical sector and his interest in global issues. Recently, he is given a reputed Heroes Behind The Heroes award by Sony Entertainment. And, being an inspirational icon, he is awarded the prestigious iconic gold award.


Since it's a continuation of the previous book, we can see that Komal Rathod, our primary protagonist, has developed somewhat as a person, and the challenges she now meets are much more perilous and complicated than those she faced before. As of late, the rate of murder has been quickly rising. Our main character, Komal, a CBI officer, is forced to work under a tight deadline. The murders are surrounded by many unanswered questions. Even more confounding than that were the numerous false pieces of evidence that led the investigators in the incorrect direction. Pregnant women were victims of the killer, who left two blue dots around the victim's navel as a form of assumed signature. As the plot develops, there are several shocks and shivers along the way. The same perpetrator has been implicated in a total of 14 violent killings in three states, however, the actual number of victims is thought to be greater.

"Man and monster complement each other. Sometimes, society itself creates a monster out of a man."
-Komal Rathod( Murdrum 2)

Dr. Manohar Lal, Komal's employer, has given her and her team a severe deadline to solve this murder case; else, she was supposed to turn it over to someone with more experience. Can Komal and her crew solve the case in the remaining two days? What is the mystery behind "SAW NOTHING" Who is the madman killing these women so ruthlessly? What happened in the past? You'll have to read that to find out.

What did I like about the book?

Overall, it's just as wonderful as the first one but more exhilarating. The narrative flows at the same pace and has a strong connection to the first section. There is a great use of forensic details and advanced technologies in the story. As usual, the narration's language and style are appropriate and well-suited to the situation. The cover page of the book as well as the title is amazing. The novel subtly and effectively portrayed a good deal of suspense.

I would definitely recommend this book to all readers.

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