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Book Review-Murdrum: The probe begins

About the author-

Dr. Sohil Makwana (MBBS, MD) enjoys both creative and scientific endeavors. He is a multifaceted individual. He enjoys his work as a fashion photographer, humorist, assistant director, screenwriter, fitness instructor, and most recently, a novelist.

He firmly believes in the quest for knowledge and is aware that education never stops. He is able to create exciting mysteries that are both his work and his passion because of his knowledge and proficiency in the medical sector and his interest in global issues.

Additionally, he gave the youngest Covid fighter Apexa, who lost her parents while fighting the virus, all of his book royalties. Recently, Sony Entertainment presented him with the prestigious Heroes Behind The Heroes award. He also receives the renowned Iconic Gold Award for being an inspirational icon.


The story opens with a little child discovering a female's head. An intern at the CBI named Komal Rathod has been tasked with building a database of unsolved murder cases in Maharashtra. While doing her task at the Thane police station, she stumbles across the case of the beheaded female. She is intrigued by the case, and as she looks into it more, she learns that a serial murderer may be responsible. She is also granted the position of inspector and given the same case to examine further.

Further, the murder count increases. DNA phenotyping system is used for identifying the killer's face from the SNPs of DNA. Does the face match with the killer? Will she be successful in catching this serial killer? Is it only one individual or is it more than one? What are the twists and turns in the plot?

"No killer is born a criminal. Sometimes, society’s contempt, hatred, and rancour can transform an innocent victim into a malevolent demon".

What did I like about the book?

The crime scenes are described in great detail, which makes them graphic, yet the gritty details are acceptable because a psychopath serial murderer committed the killings. The killer's formative experiences give him a well-rounded and convincing personality. Character development, a harsh upbringing, and, most significantly, forensic science kept me on the edge of my bed (the moment DNA was taken from the guts of a mosquito is so incredible I can't even process it).

The English used in the book is very smooth and easy to grasp, but it still manages to keep the reader's interest. Since the author is a doctor with experience in forensic medicine, it turns out that he did his best to apply the established knowledge in the proper contexts.

I would absolutely suggest this book to all readers.

Stay tuned for the next part of the sequel "Murdrum 2: Double trouble" by Dr. Sohil Makwana.

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