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Book Review: Estrenar- Beginning of a new journey

About the author-

Sucharita received her degree in architecture. She left her first job and completed the IGNOU MCA program for Masters in Computer Applications. In addition to winning the prestigious Commonwealth Educational Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA) prize, she also won a gold medal for her postgraduate studies. Before she entered a new field, she taught in a number of educational institutions. Since she was in primary school, she has had a penchant for writing. She has written poems and articles for many journals in English, Odia, and Sanskrit. She keeps up her goal of writing about common issues in her poetry, quotations, and stories. Her life experiences serve as the inspiration for the subjects in her literary works. She categorizes her works as belonging to the abstract genre.

About the book-

"Estrenar" in Spanish translates as beginning something or doing something for the first time. Sucharita Parija's engaging book Estrenar is a poetic account of a woman's feelings, ideas, and circumstances. The author explores through her poetry the emotions, observations, and experiences that women encounter and find challenging to discuss in casual, everyday interactions. The book is divided into two sections, Section A reflects the dilemma of life, self-love, and individuality, and Section B reflects a woman's experience.

We hopelessly cling to transitory articles and trivial judgments.
These are flowing and fleeting instants but useless at times.
We have securely saved them, but some flashes will get erased.
As Ephemeral guests, we stand here, our destinations being abstract!

"Everything is transient in the world."

-Ephemeral (Poem from Estrenar by Sucharita Parija)

You will feel the passion and emotions in each poem. The author covers many emotions from loss to excitement and intrigue and talks about important topics like self-love and optimism. All the poems are simple and easy to connect with readers. The author did a great job in wordplay to effectively express inner thoughts and give each poem the emotional depth and identity that anyone can relate to. Some of the poems inspired me to delve into their inner selves and get rid of self-limiting beliefs to move forward.

What did I like about this book?

One of the exceptional features of the book was the images that were presented before every poem which were related to the theme. It added a lot of value to the book. The book also teaches many life lessons such as mental strength, everything cannot be judged on its face value and the power of our emotions. I genuinely loved the book's title and cover.

The book was a pleasure to read. The poems are enjoyable and only took me a few hours to read, giving me a pleasant mood.

It is an amazing read overall. I highly recommend this book to all readers.

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