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Book Review- Bloom

The author of this book, Sneha Narayanan, was born in Delhi. Lt. General Narayanan is her father. She resigned from IMB to pursue her passion for writing and reading. In 2019, she has also crowned the winner of the Best Personal Development Blog Award.

All about who we are today is unconditional self-love and not what we will be. Self-esteem is how you feel about yourself and through self-acceptance, you start to love yourself and ultimately increase your self-esteem. We need to stand out from the crowd with self-confidence, respect ourselves and not fall into what people are saying. Each person is unique in itself and that is something we need to understand.

This book is a compilation of beautiful poems and is organized into three sections: body positivity and self-acceptance, positive thoughts and happiness, and caged bird-the awakening. The book explains how to accept oneself as is, rise beyond what others have to say about oneself, and finally heal one's wounds via self-analysis. There are poems for body-shaming in which the author expresses how a person should not question himself based on what other people say. There are poems about self-importance and recognizing that we only need ourselves and no one else, expressing that we are sufficient in our capacity.'Building right... brick by brick' is another poem that portrays the importance of building things slowly and steadily, such as relationships, rather than making mistakes in haste. I also felt the poem's titles were lovely and appropriate.

'Happiness is a universe inside you,' in which she asserts that happiness is already inside us and that we are the only ones who can make ourselves truly happy, was one of my particular personal favorites.

It is only when our core reverberates
With the realization of the earth, the sun,
The moon, the oceans, and the skies within us
Can we be truly separate from,
And still one with all.

Only then can we embrace 
Our wholeness.
-Happiness is a universe inside you(Bloom-Sneha Narayanan)

Certainly, one may relate to the author's collection of intense human feelings in this book. If you are looking for words which boosts you up then this is the poem collection you should go for. Bloom. And bloom for yourself.

Until next time, believe in you and stay happy.

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