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Alchemy- The Ancient Chemistry

Alchemy was an ancient method of turning metals into gold and developing treatments for numerous diseases as well as the 'Elixir of Life.' This was done throughout the world, including in India. They were ancient chemists who used laboratory techniques and presented theories regarding various chemical changes. They thought base metals like lead were simply a lower version of gold that needed to be cleaned and purified before being turned to gold. Alchemists from all across the world demonstrated links between gold and human life.

Everything was thought to be made up of the main four elements that is fire, earth, water, and air, and that they, along with earthly substances, might be employed to improve one's health.


Alchemy in India:

All of the knowledge on alchemy in India is written in the classic Arthasashtra. With the use of numerous elements, they worked on developing a divine body and becoming immortal. They even created treatments and remedies that could cure ailments. Alchemy in India was mostly about medicine, and alchemists wrote many ancient writings describing their lab procedures. Some even attempted to turn the mercury into gold. Here are the workings of alchemists from all over the world:

Elixir of life:

It was given a different name in different places like in India it was called 'Amrit'. It was believed that this came out by churning of the ocean and the ingredients required were found in depths of oceans and were obtained by 'Samudra Manthan'. Evidence suggests that a proper ratio of ingredients and metals, such as mercury, gold, herbs, and gem particles, can be produced into an Elixir of Life, and that just a few drops of it, when consumed, will cure all diseases and extend people's lives. Many world kings and rulers took such potions, and many died as a result of overdosing on the potion.

Philosopher's stone:

The procedure of making philosopher's stone was known as 'Magnum Opas' or 'The Great Work' in ancient writings. Texts mention stones and gems changing color as they pass through various phases as a result of chemical reactions. It boasted properties like reviving dying plants, treating ailments, turning base metals to gold, and even curing human illness.

Alchemy was also believed in by great scientists such as Isaac Newton and Robert Boyle. Newton worked with several alchemists to deduce the nature of substance from ancient knowledge. He worked on the philosopher's stone as well. Alchemy's procedures have only been recorded in ancient documents and are no longer practiced, yet they are the forerunners of modern chemistry.

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