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Adulting- A New Phase Of My Life

When I take a step back, I can see how gradually I'm becoming a mature person. I felt like a schoolchild when I first entered college, but as soon as I arrived on campus, I began to feel like an adult. I have a practice of writing a daily diary and recording unique events I have at the end of the day, and every time I scribble in my journal, I am reminded of how my duties are growing by the day. I have started taking trains without my parents from home to college, and I have also started taking autos without them from one location to another. My parents are quite protective of me when I use public transportation, yet I have learned so much in just one ride. As I mature into an adult, I'm learning how to budget and plan where money should be spent and where it should be saved.

Because I'm staying in a hostel, I have begun to take responsibility for myself, my belongings, my food, and everything else because I don't have parents to look after me and my belongings. I do my laundry, plan my entire day, which involves going to college, studying, reading novels, blogging, and having fun with my friends on campus, as well as learning French. As the class representative for my college batch, I am required to speak frequently with students and faculty, which is instilling in me leadership abilities.

My College Campus-CHARUSAT

I see significant differences in myself from where I was a few months ago to where I am now. I also began preparing for the NCC (National Cadet Corps) Republic Day camp but was unable to complete the entire training camp due to unforeseen circumstances. When I was in training, I had to get up at 4:30 a.m. every day and commute in an auto to the unit in V.V. Nagar, about 15 kilometers from the hostel, and I had to attend my practicals too. The whole day used to be so exhausting, but as I started training, I noticed that I was becoming a stronger and more confident person as I met new people from various colleges and army officials too.

Republic Day Camp Training (NCC)

The last few months, to be precise, have transformed me from a child to an adult; I'm always learning new things, making my own decisions, and seeing myself as a personality that is constantly evolving. Joining college, living in a hostel, joining NCC, and everything else has given me a completely new perspective on life. These things may seem insignificant to some, but this stage of maturation as an adult is awe-inspiring to me, and I treasure each and every second of it, no matter how insignificant. Last but not least, I have come to appreciate how critical it is to engage in regular self-reflection.

Until next time, stay safe and stay happy.

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