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A Road-Trip To Nowhere

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

We decided to take a short road trip to nowhere, our destination was not fixed and we had decided to take random roads and proceed where the roads took us. We planned to go towards East ahead from Dharampur. We turned off our GPS and drove along roads we had never been on before. Taking less-travelled routes and visiting unfamiliar locations while listening to good music in the car was a fantastic journey. We talked about what's going on in the world, we discussed various topics, we laughed at different situations, and forgot about the world we left behind. The trees were tall and formed canopies, allowing for less sunlight to reach the road. The clouds were touching the peaks of the mountains, and some of them formed lovely shapes. The rice fields were already prepared, and the grass around them was rippling in the breeze like waves.

Farmers were seen inserting sticks into the ground to create a framework for climbing vegetables. Many of the supports were already crowded with climbers. There were simply huts, and men and women, including little children, were farming. For ploughing the land, some people utilized tractors, while others employed traditional bulls. The soil was red, which is ideal for farming. Due to the rain, there were modest landslides in certain spots, and the roots of large trees could be seen.

Living a life of Banjara now, and forever.

We were travelling along the banks of a river where the water was running fast. The mountains were engulfed in the forest. We followed the road until we came across boards with Marathi writing on them; this is when we recognized we had crossed into Maharashtra, so we made a U-turn and began our return journey.

In villages where there is no network, no one can use devices, therefore people choose to sit and talk to each other. I noticed that everyone seemed happy. Instead of sitting on his phone and playing games, a boy was playing with a car built out of bottles that he designed himself. When you see folks like this, you realize how crucial it is to disconnect from your phones and devices and reconnect with nature.

Whereas we prefer to go to clubs and pools, there were kids at Check Dam who were diving and swimming in the river with broad smiles on their cheeks. They lived without worry about their huts, no technology, no adequate vehicles for travel, no safety and fence for their fields, and nothing was fancy about their existence, yet they were so content with nothing. On the other hand, we continue to be concerned about materialistic goods that may or may not exist tomorrow. They taught me to be more lively and not take life too seriously. We returned home after a long drive of 140 kilometres and one more road-trip was added in my journal enteries.

Until next time, connect with nature and live a happy life.

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