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7 Things I Do To Relax Myself!

It is crucial to start unwinding and taking breaks in the stressed world we live in today. We all understand the benefits of unwinding, yet we are unsure of how to calm ourselves. Everyone relaxes in their own way, but the list of seven points below outlines how I like to rest.

1. Spending time in nature- Spending time in nature has always been a favorite pastime of mine. My parents enrolled me in a school that has a sizable, lush green campus, and since the school is located in Atul, it is in a very natural setting. My school and the garden at my house have been a huge influence on how much I value the environment since I was a little child. Fortunately, I was accepted into a university with a beautiful campus full of flowers, trees, plants, and other animals like peacocks, rabbits, and birds. When I'm stressed, I take a stroll around the campus of our university and frequently sit by the lake. I also go barefoot on the ground at night to feel the earth and the moist grass beneath my feet. I try looking around at beautiful flowers and their vibrant colors relax my mind.

2. Read a book-I read books to decompress because I'm a reader. The moment I begin reading the book's first sentence, I entirely forget about the outside world. I begin visualizing the plot, which temporarily relieves my uneasiness. I try to read something really straightforward, unemotional, and uncomplicated to help my thoughts relax and stop worrying about the book's plot. Some simple books which I have read are 'The devil and the miss prym' by Paulo Coelho, 'Life is what you make it' by Preeti Shenoy, and books by Jules Verne as well as Agatha Cristie.

3. Watch a movie or a series- The day of the week when there are no lectures and nothing else to do is frequently Sunday. To avoid having to pay attention to what I'm viewing, I choose a movie from any genre, and occasionally I'll even watch cartoons and animated films. I occasionally watch series which are humor related to keeping up with myself. For instance, I recently watched my first Korean television series, a drama. Through the subtitles, I understood everything, and the story helped me rest.

4. Go to the beach or a hill- Being born and brought up in a coastal city. I have always had access to the beach. Whenever I'm home, I make sure I visit Tithal beach once. I and my mom visit the beach in the evenings. The cold sea breeze and the perfect sunset with waves bring serenity to my mind. I forget about every task I am supposed to complete. I also have the access to Parnera hill which is located in Atul. I occasionally go to Parnera Hill, and the ascent soothes my thoughts.

5. Sit in the temple- I haven't found anything as peaceful as sitting in the temple when I am full of anxiousness and thoughts. The atmosphere in temples is quiet and cold. The positive environment brings optimistic thoughts to my brain rather than draining my energy over negative things. Also, the fragrance of incense sticks and fresh flowers relaxes my mind.

6. Listen to soft music- Music always helps rejuvenate my mood. I listen to soft songs sometimes lyrical and sometimes only instrumental. I even prefer listening to prayers that are soft. Sweet and gentle music brings calmness to me. Some music has the frequency of theta waves due to which even our brains start resonating with them. Theta waves are said to bring positivity and balance our mental state.

7. Simply sleep- My brain relaxes a lot as I sleep. Depending on how my mind is feeling, I might take a nap or fall into a deep sleep if anything is constantly bothering me. My brain stops thinking about anything when I'm sleeping, which helps me settle. Sleeping is a fantastic way to stop thinking and soothing without having to do anything else.

Until next time, stay happy, and do not forget to relax yourself whenever necessary. Comment down below, what are your ways of relaxing and calming your mind?

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