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7 Things I Can't Live Without!

We all have things that are an absolute need and are extremely important to us. It could be something like a pet, an electronic device, or some person. Let me take you through the list of things I cannot imagine a life without.

1. My loved ones- Although I spend a lot of time by myself it is impossible for me to live without my mom-dad and a few of my friends. They are a part of my everyday life and I share all the details about my day with them.

2. Travelling- I have always been traveling since childhood and my parents made sure they took me out every Sunday to waterfalls or forests when I was a toddler. My parents being hodophiles, I too love traveling around. We make sure we go for trips every year during vacation and at least one road trip during monsoons. Traveling gives me a break from my daily routines and stresses. It has also taught me about various cultures, places, and the localities of the locations. Life aspects such as manners, time management, and communication are also what I have learned by wandering around.

3. Books- Reading book is one of the most important part of my life. I have read books since my childhood from 'Little red riding hood' to 'The silent patient'. The habit of reading books has again been passed on from my grandparents and my parents. My grandmother always used to spend her time reading books. I read books whenever I am free and just before sleeping I make sure I read a few pages. I read fiction, and non-fiction and recently I have started reading self-help books too. My current read is 'Think like a monk' by Jay Shetty which is again a self-help book.

4. Plants- Plants have been a part of my life since my infancy. My grandparents as well as my parents have passed on the legacy of maintaining gardens and plants at home. My grandfather used to teach me gardening skills when I was a small kid. My school also played a major role in hiking my passion for plants. At my home, we have plants everywhere be it our garden, hall, rooms, and even in our washrooms. I also have a plant in my hostel room. Keeping a plant around me gives me positive vibes and a bit of extra oxygen!

5. Yoga and meditation- It has become my routine to practice basic yoga asanas and meditation in the morning. Being a hostelite I perform my practices at our hostel terrace early morning and this is where my day basically starts from. I practice yoga during the evenings when I am at home. It calms my mind immediately and gives an energetic start to my day with positive thoughts. My university campus has a serene environment with greenery all around and so I get to listen to various birds chirping, cool breeze touching my body, and warm morning sunlight.

6. Good food- Food is everyone's necessity but some people just can not make a life without food. Frankly, I am one of them, I am not a great foodie but I need food whenever I am hungry otherwise it completely ruins my mood. But the moment I receive food my mood drastically changes. I prefer eating something on the much healthier side most of the time which includes proper meals and fruits. Filling stomach with chips and noodles is not a part of my food needs.

7. Music- Music is a part of most of our lives. I listen to music while walking or doing some chores like cleaning. I also listen to music while blogging and in my free time. Music elevates my mood and makes me energetic or peaceful depending upon the music genre. I choose my music according to my mood and my activities for example if I am going for a walk then I will be listening to English songs or Punjabi songs to keep myself full of zest. I have playlists according to my mood and other categories.

Let me know what things you cannot live without in the comments below. Until next time, stay safe and stay happy.

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