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I'm Dhruvi Gohil, and I'm from India. I'm currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in microbiology, a subject that I find captivating because of the fascinating microbes. Simultaneously, I thought of scripting blogs consisting of book reviews and my travel adventures.
As a child, I have always had a keen interest in reading books as for me they are not only a compilation of words transcribed on pages but my constant companion. I have tried not only writing just about the book but tried my best to connect the plot with our real lives.
Traveling has always been a passion of mine, which I inherited from my dad. I firmly believe that traveling leads to connecting ourselves with new people, developing our personality, gain insight, and makes us learn about how distinctively humankind lives on this planet.
Aside from reading books and traveling, observing the elements of nature, gazing at the night sky, spending time with my plants, and being a part of sunsets and sunrises have always been a part of my everyday life.  I also find myself very curious about science and history. When I take a close look at what I'm doing, I believe I'm progressing step by step toward discovering the 'deep me' in the process.

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